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Order Before 12:00 PM and receive your order the same day in Cairo & Giza
Order Before 12:00 PM and receive your order the same day in Cairo & Giza

ARION Original Fit Dryfood For Cats - 300 gram / 2 kg

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EGP 70.00

ARION Original Fit 32/19 is specifically developed for cats with a normal activity and outdoor access to keep your cat in an optimal condition. The formula contains 80% of high-quality animal based protein to support strong and lean muscles.


Chicken meat meal, rice, refined animal fat, peas, potato meal, dehydrated meat proteins, hydrolised chicken liver, refined cellulose ,beet pulp, sodium chloride, yeast, psyllium husk, refined fish oil, yeast extracts, M.O.S., F.O.S., plant extracts (Rosemarinus sp., Vitis sp., Curcuma sp., Citrus sp., Eugenia sp.)

Method of use

ARION Original Fit 32/19 requires no preparation and does not need to be mixed with other food. Serve dry, making sure the cat has plenty of fresh, clean water freely available. Feed at the same time every day. Do not force the cat to eat if he is not hungry. Should the loss of appetite persist, consult your vet.

Analyse (%)

Protein 32,0
Animal protein level 80,0
Fat content 19,0
Ω3 fatty acids 0,50
Ω6 fatty acids 3,50
Ω6/Ω3 ratio 7,00
Crude fibre 1,8
Crude ash 7,4
Calcium 1,45
Phosphorus 1,10

Additives-Nutritional Additives/kg

E4 copper 12
E1 iron 125
E6 zinc 130
E5 manganese 13,5
E2 iodine 2,6
E8 selenium 0,28


Vitamine PP (mg/kg) 64
Vitamin H 750
β-Carotene 0,70
β-glucans 250
Bentonite 1.150
Ammonium Chloride 3800
Vitamin A (E/kg) 22.500
Vitamin D3 (E/kg) 1.800
Vitamin E (ppm) 150
Vitamin K3 (ppm) 2
Vitamin B1 (ppm) 16
Vitamin B2 (ppm) 28,0
Vitamin B5 (ppm) 120,0
Vitamin B6 (ppm) 12,0
Vitamin B12 (ppm) 240
Vitamin C (ppm) 50,0
Choline (ppm) 2.000
Folic Acid (ppm) 4,0

Energy (kcal/kg)

Metabolic energy (M.E.)(Kcal/kg) 3.500