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Order Before 12:00PM and recieve your order the same day

Pet Toys Resistant To Bite Bone Dog Puppy Molars Rubber Ball Play For Teeth

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EGP 45.00


  • Brand : Other
  • Species : Dogs 
  • Type : Toys
  • Sub Type : Chew Toys
  • Material: rubber
  • Size: 15*5CM
  • Weight: 100g
  • description:
  • Can make a sound to attract pet attention
  • The dog's favorite chasing game toy, made of soft rubber material, is safe and non-toxic, and does not hurt the teeth. The level of solidity is second only to the iron ball! Super bite-resistant, heavy! Dogs love to play, loved by dogs, and are also necessary training products for dog and dog training. The biggest feature is that it is very difficult to bite. In the circle, the dog friend named it "bite not bad." ", really strong
  • The product has no pungent smell, and the safety rubber dog is also safe to play! The surface of this toy is even and fine, and it creates a tight fit with the teeth, helping to clean teeth and exercise your teeth! Help pets grind their teeth, reduce calculus and other diseases, and keep your mouth fresh!
  • Protect the home environment! The toy is resistant to bite and wear, and it can take time to attract the dog's attention and vent excess energy. Shoes, socks, sheets and sofas are not afraid of being destroyed by dogs.