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Order Before 12:00 PM and receive your order the same day in Cairo & Giza
Order Before 12:00 PM and receive your order the same day in Cairo & Giza

Pet omega Coat Conditioner Skeletal Support & Appetizer 100ml

EGP 120.00

Pet omega contains highly concentrated and available sources of:

Omega 3 & 6: are important nutrients that your pets need for healthy skin and a soft skinny coat.
Vitamin E: proven antioxidant
Folic Acid: A key “skin” vitamin important in epidermal tissues and the production of hair and skin
B-Vitamin: Maintain normal healthy appetite promotes growth, and food conversion, and improve skin & coat condition. Made exclusively from sustainably sourced sardines and anchovies, our Pet Omega formula safely provides the daily omega-3s your dog or cat needs to live an active, happy life.

Benefits of Omega-3 for pets

✔️ Supporting the brain development of puppies
✔️ Helping pets with arthritis by reducing inflammation
✔️ Improving your canine companion’s ability to fight cancer
✔️ Benefiting the immune system of pets
✔️ Boosting the heart and kidney health of canines
✔️ Improving the skin and coat health of pets
✔️ Helping pets by reducing anxiety, depression and

The importance of the B vitamins

✔️ pantothenic acid which is involved as a co-enzyme in
many metabolic pathways, including those of fatty acids;
✔️ inositol and choline which work together in the formation
of cell membranes – combined with phosphorus, choline
forms phospholipids;
✔️ niacin, which is synthesized from tryptophan, is essential
for cellular respiration and also vital for a healthy and
pliable skin;
✔️ histidine is essential for the growth and maturation of the
epidermal cells (keratinocytes).