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Order Before 12:00 PM and receive your order the same day in Cairo & Giza, except for Fridays!
Order Before 12:00 PM and receive your order the same day in Cairo & Giza, except for Fridays!

Happy Dog Profi-Line - Basic 20kg

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Profi Line 23 - 9.5 is a complete food for all breeds of adult dogs that need a normal amount of energy. Basic feed provides a balanced amount of protein and energy to meet the nutritional needs of working, sporting or breeding dogs during their reduced physical activity or outside the reproductive cycle. It contains only moderate amounts of nutrients to avoid unnecessary overfeeding of dogs and unnecessary strain on the internal organs. However, it contains all the necessary minerals, trace elements and vitamins in proportions optimized for dogs under insufficient load. Thus, this feed is an economical option for a healthy diet for dogs, if only the basic requirements for the supply of nutrients are set.

Valuable animal proteins used in the feed, without the use of soy or other vegetable protein extracts, as well as high-quality cereal components in the product ensure the popularity of the product and a high level of tolerance.

Made in Germany under the strictest quality control!


Wheat, wheat flour, poultry flour, corn, beef flour, poultry fat, fish meal, sugar beet molasses, apple pulp *, sodium chloride. (** dried, partially hydrolysed / * dried) digestible energy: 1,480 KJ / 100g; 3540 Kcal / kg.


Crude protein 23.0%; head fat 9.5%; crude fiber 3.0%; profit 6.5%; calcium 1.3%; phosphorus 0.95%; sodium 0.25%, potassium 0.45%.


Vitamins / kg: Vitamin A 10 250 IU; Vitamin D3 1000 IU; Vitamin E 45 mg; vitamin B1 3 mg; vitamin B2 6 mg; vitamin B6 - 2.5 mg; vitamin B12 45 μg; biotin 250 μg; calcium pantothenate 7.5 mg; niacin 30 mg, folic acid 2 mg. Trace elements / kg: iron 100 mg; copper 10 mg; zinc 80 mg; manganese 10 mg; iodine 1.25 mg; selenium 0.1 mg, cobalt 0.75 mg. Amino acids: linoleic acid 1.5%. Antioxidants: strong natural extracts with a high content of vitamin E.