Fokker Steri-Fit is a full premium cat food for adult cats with a tendency to obesity or cats that are sterilized. A sterilized cat has specific nutritional needs. Fokker Steri-Fit contains a reduced amount of struvite (bladder stones) forming minerals and ensures a controlled urine pH (<6.5). The fat content is adjusted to the lower energy requirements of a sterilized cat and contributes to weight loss or the prevention of obesity. Fokker Steri-Fit is very tasty and enjoyed by all cats.


Dried poultry (27% poultry dehydrated), animal protein extract, rice (14%), peas, barley, poultry fat, cellulose, corn, corn gluten, salmon oil, flax seed, dried salmon, dried whole egg, brewer’s yeast, inulin (source of FOS), cranberries.

Feeding instructions

Use this food dry. The product is ready to be served to your pet. Always ensure that your cat has plenty of clean drinking water.For daily required quantities of Fokker Steri-Fit: see the feeding table. The quantities given are guidelines only and depend on your cat’s age, the amount of exercise it gets and its environment. Store in a cool and dry place.