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Order Before 12:00 PM and receive your order the same day in Cairo & Giza
Order Before 12:00 PM and receive your order the same day in Cairo & Giza

Canina Puppy Milk 450 g (Welpenmilch)

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EGP 350.00

Can be administered from 1st day of life

- A substitute for mother's milk for puppies from their 1st day of the life
- No vomiting due to nearly complete lactose withdrawal
- No diarrhoea
- Excellent compatibility
- No clotting
- With 15% dextrose
- To feed motherless puppies, as supplement feed in case of insufficient mother's milk
- To prepare for lactation (milk production of the mother), as feed supplement and to relieve the lactating dog
- As feed supplement for work dogs, breed dogs, old and ill dogs

Additives per kg:

Vitamin A 15.000 IU, vitamin D3 1.500 IU, vitamin E 150mg, vitamin B1 5mg, vitamin B2 10mg, nicotine acid 20mg, vitamin K3 1mg, ca-pantothenate 20mg, vitamin C 50mg, cholin chloride 1.250mg, zinc 150mg, iron 160mg, manganese 15mg, copper 15mg, cobalt 2mg, iodine 2mg, folic acid 1mg, selenium 0,3mg, biotin 500mcg, vitamin B12 50mcg

The amount of puppy milk should be adjusted according to the demand of the puppies. Beginning with the 3rd/4th week of life Canina's Mushy Puppy Feed should be administrated additionally, but the Puppy Milk should be administered until the 6th week.
Starting with the 6th week of life the Puppy lime should be administered. For fully grown dogs the puppy milk can be mixed with the feed.


Mix the milk with an egg beater at a temperature of approx. 35°C.
1 part puppy milk and 4 parts water.