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Order Before 12:00 PM and recieve your order the same day
Order Before 12:00PM and recieve your order the same day

Bewi Cat Crocinis With chicken, turkey & ocean fish (1Kg / 5Kg / 10Kg)

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EGP 65.00
Bewi Cat Crocinis is a Complete & Balanced dry cat food rich in chicken, with turkey and ocean fish, Perfect meal for adult cats from one year of age and more.

Bewi Cat Crocinis Highlights:

  • Sterilized: Also appropriate for sterilized cats
  • Taurine: Essential amino acid to strengthen vision
  • ph Control: Optimises the pH value of the urine

Feeding recommendation (Recommended quantity of food per day)

Weight sterilized/indoor Active
3 kg 30-45 g 60 g
4 kg 35-55 g 70 g
5 kg 40-60 g 80 g
6 kg 45-70 g 90 g
7 kg 50-75 g 100 g