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Order Before 12:00PM and recieve your order the same day

SPADE Salmon Oil

EGP 165.00


A premium quality that contributes to the healthy skin and coat of your pet, helps to treat pruritic skin disease and skin rash caused by seasonal allergies. pets that received salmon oil on daily basis had a better coat and less itching
Also, it increases your pet appetite and solves the problem of picky pets
Salmon oil is also important for your pet’s immune system as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These essential nutrients may help in the treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune problems. The essential nutrients work to support a normal inflammatory response to support joint and hip.


  • Salmon Oil
  • Omega 26%-243 (DHA 10%-12%) (EPA 7%-9%)
  • Antioxidant Natural 0.5%
  • Omega 6.66%
  • Omega 6.66%
  • Omega 17%-16 9



  • Small (<10kg) 0.5-1 tsp/ 2-5 ml/ day
  • Medium (10kg-25kg) 1-2 tsp/ 5-10ml/ day
  • Large (25kg-50kg) 2-3 tsp/ 10-15ml/ day
  • X-large (+50kg) 3-4 tsp/ 15-20ml/ day


  • Should be fed 1-2ml per day


How to use:

Mix with your pet's food, introduce gradually over 1 week

SPADE Salmon Oil Highlights:

•  healthy skin and coat for your pet.
•  Better coat and less itching.
•  Joints and hip support.
•  Rich with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.